ZTE unveils intelligent charging system for its BSS/OSS Suite

Telecom Lead Asia: Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE
has launched its ZSmart iCS, an intelligent charging system as a component of
its ZSmart BSS/OSS Suite.


The company said that its new charging system converge
billing systems and customer care platforms to provide a unified management
platform with comprehensive analysis tools.


Furthermore, the company added that these tools enable
operators to improve the customer experience, increase enterprise revenues and
reduce total cost of ownership and time to market.


As a telecom customer, you can start on a Social
Networking site where you see an Ad for a mobile phone. This ad was targeted to
you based on your shopping behavior & profile via Analysis,” said ZTE Vice
President, Zhou Yong.


The ZSmart iCS systems helps operators to unify
their marketing, sales, service and billing capabilities across multiple
platforms, and to implement improvements across all relevant channels and departments,
avoiding the creation of information silos.


To maintain a consistent and effective cross-channel
service experience, regardless of the service being used, operators must ensure
that they are delivering a high level of customer service. The company said
that its   ZTE ZSmart iCS uses the latest data mining techniques to
help operators more effectively manage their operations by identifying service
growth opportunities, maximizing the return on marketing investments, and
determining where and how customer services can be improved.


The company claims that it is one of the leading product
providers in the OSS/BSS market, as over 70 international operators have
deployed ZTE’s ZSmart OSS/BSS solutions.


Customers include France Telecom, Telenor, Vodafone,
Etislat Telecom and Telcel.


ZTE SIM-based NFC mobile device to be used for toll payments in


Recently, ZTE said its SIM-based NFC mobile device
will be used for toll payments in Turkey.


Utilizing Turkcell T11 (ZTE Racer II), the toll
payments service will be supported by Turkcell, mobile operator in Turkey.


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