3G and 4G to drive mobile video calling users to exceed 130 million by 2016

Mobile VoIP specialists are expected to favor alliances with social
media, gaming and software partners over partnerships with mobile network
operators in coming years, as social media becomes ever more mainstream.

The role of voice within the broader communications market will change,
and it will become increasingly available as an extension to other
applications, according to Juniper Research.

Companies such as Vivox are pioneering such services in the gaming
industry, and Skype’s acquisition by Microsoft and several Facebook alliances
with VoIP providers will accelerate this trend.

“Eventually voice may become one of several options in an environment
where multiple methods of communicating are possible on the same platform,”
said Juniper Research’s Anthony Cox.

mVoIP clients downloaded to the smartphone will account for four fifths
of 640 million mobile VoIP users by the end of 2016, as momentum behind carrier
alliances and mVoIP start-ups diminishes.

Improved technology, more intuitive interfaces and increased user
awareness all account for the increasing dominance of the app download model
for mVoIP.

The number of mobile video calling users will exceed 130 million by 2016,
spurred by the launch of mobile video calling by major players and technology

Mobile VoIP and mobile video calling services will develop significantly
faster in developed markets due to a correlation between 3G and 4G roll outs
and the take up of mobile VoIP and mobile video calling.

There is as yet no clear role for advertising within the mobile VoIP and
mobile video calling business model, though this is beginning to come for VoIP
on the desktop.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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