85% smartphones and tablets in Middle East install apps

The use of mobile apps in the Middle East has witnessed
significant growth in the last twelve months. 85 per cent of smartphones and
tablets in the MENA region have apps installed.  

Seven out of ten smartphone users in the region use
mobile apps at least once every day, while 51 per cent use apps all day long.

Mobile apps, especially augmented reality (AR) apps, have
become a helpful tool for users in the MENA region. From interactive gaming, to
locating ATMs or restaurants in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and finding a car
in a congested parking lot, smartphone apps are everywhere and are being used
for almost everything, according to a study by AppsArabia.

Developing mobile apps holds great potential for
businesses. 62 per cent of users in the MENA region find location-based
advertising appealing, while 58 per cent are willing to trade usage data for
free apps. These figures make apps one of the most alluring means of marketing
and promotion available in the region, and open new avenues for businesses
seeking opportunities for customer engagement, growth and tapping into new

Major realtors
like Emaar and Halcon have entered the fray, and have
developed customized AR apps that allow users to stand in a particular
neighbourhood and look around through their smartphones cameras for properties
available for rent/sale.

For instance, Emaar’s “Downtown Dubai” app,
developed in conjunction with Traffic Online, help users stay on top
of the game in terms of shopping, dining, lounging, relaxing, entertainment and
events in downtown Dubai, while aiding Emaar to channel
more time efficient, if not profitable, business towards its downtown
Dubai project.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]