Ace Marketing completes 50 mall rollout of its location-based mobile marketing network


Ace Marketing & Promotions announce their
location-based mobile marketing network (known as Mobiquity Networks) has
completed its initial expansion to an additional 50 malls in the third quarter
of 2011, bringing the total to 67 malls across the US.


Ace has also completed the testing phase on the 50 new
malls and has begun generating revenue over the network.


Mobiquity Networks (a wholly owned subsidiary of Ace) is
a provider of location-based mobile marketing solutions. Ace is building one of
the Nation’s largest location-based Proximity Marketing networks.


Proximity Marketing is a marketing tool that delivers
messages to any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled device within a 300ft radius from a
central terminal. Mobiquity’s technology permits delivery to virtually any
mobile device and properly formats each message to ensure that every user
receives the best possible experience.


Results are fully trackable, giving campaigns a true
level of accountability. Mobiquity offers brands the opportunity to reach
millions of consumers with relevant, engaging content which is completely
measurable for the advertisers and free for the user.


A Proximity Marketing unit can detect the total number of
mobile devices in a specific area and then dynamically present a highly
relevant message to consumers. The consumer receives a message requesting
approval and once acceptance is granted, the user can receive a range of rich
media content utilized by advertisers for promotional purposes.


Some campaign elements delivered through this medium
include movie trailers, coupons, special offers, announcements, ring tones and
screen savers. Through this marketing medium, advertisers can track metrics and
analytics in a much more targeted way and quantitatively measure the
effectiveness of their campaigns.


Additionally, it does not require users to download apps
or be tracked by GPS, two of the often heard criticism of traditional
location-based mobile campaigns.


Mobiquity Networks units are
strategically positioned near entrances, anchor stores, escalators and other high-traffic
and high dwell-time areas throughout each mall to maximize advertising
messaging reach and frequency.


Ace’s Mobiquity Networks now has over 550 advertising
zones across the 67 mall network, giving advertisers the ability to deliver
messaging to approximately 90 million mall visits per month.


This is only the beginning; we plan to continue
expanding our mall network and will soon release an exciting new Location-Based
Mobile Shopping Solution that will run on our existing network infrastructure.
This will allow shoppers to browse for local specials, coupons and discounts
from their favorite retailer on their mobile device while at the mall.
The local experience will take place on our physical network that already
resides within each mall and will not require the user to download an app,”
said Michael Trepeta, CEO, Mobiquity Networks.


Mobiquity recently announced it has been selected
by NORC at the University of Chicago to help it leverage mobile computing to
transform the way NORC interacts with its stakeholders.


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