After U.S. Cellular deal, Nuance grabs T-Mobile Voicemail contract


Telecom Lead Team:
At this year’s Mobile World Congress, Nuance
Communications, a provider of voice and language solutions for businesses and
consumers around the world, announced deals with leading carriers.


After signing the deal with U.S. Cellular, the voice solutions
provider announced its Dragon Voicemail to Text service is now included in the
Visual Voicemail offering from T-Mobile USA.


Nuance‘s Dragon Voicemail to Text service enables T-Mobile customers to
reply to voicemails easily, with the ability to respond via text message
virtually anytime, anywhere. Further, messages can be stored or forwarded, and
consumers always have the ability to listen to their audio voicemails in any
order they choose.


Voicemail to Text offers a convenient way to handle
voice messages and is consistent with T-Mobile’s vision to provide our
customers more service options to easily stay connected,” said Alex Samano,
director and GM of communication services, T-Mobile USA. Our partnership with
Nuance is not only powering Voicemail to Text, it will also drive future
innovations to enrich communications virtually wherever our customers are.”


In an environment where consumers expect to receive
messages with the same instant gratification of text messaging and email,
Dragon Voicemail to Text gives forward-thinking carriers like T-Mobile the
ability to deliver essential voice services that are state-of-the-art and
perfectly in tune with subscribers’ demands,” said John Pollard, vice president
and general manager, voice-to-text services, Nuance Mobile.


T-Mobile Voicemail to Text comes integrated
with T-Mobile Visual Voicemail application and includes unlimited
voicemail-to-text transcription for just $3.99 per month. Customers get the
first 30 days free when they subscribe to T-Mobile Visual Voicemail.
Transcription is available for voicemails received in English and Spanish.


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