Airspan in pact with McLaren Electronics to offer 4G connectivity for Motorsport apps


By Telecom Lead Team: Airspan Networks, a provider
of 4G broadband wireless access networks, has joined hands with McLaren
Electronics Systems for a joint development of a customized 4G connectivity
solution for the motorsport and other transportation industries.


The Airspan solution is built upon 4G Radio Access
Network technology that deploys an Airspan 4G module (mini PCIe) directly into
a ruggedized McLaren Electronics component (WMX-470), which is installed in the
race car.


The advantages of this system can be shared worldwide in
any transportation scenario that can benefit from a robust high-speed mobile
communications network, including motorsports, railways, bus systems, aerospace
and more,” said Paul Spence, product director of McLaren Electronics.


The solution will enable the delivery of broadband
services supporting voice, high-definition video and real-time telemetry to and
from high speed vehicles, including Formula One race cars.


The solution will support multiple cars simultaneously
and delivers broadband speeds exceeding 5 Mbps per car at speeds beyond 200 mph
(320 km/h).


“There are quite a few possibilities for the use of
our 4G mini PCIe module. It is a great addition to our overall product
portfolio which supports 4G LTE and WiMAX connectivity for almost any scenario,
whether in motorsport and transportation projects or in other industries
including Public Safety and Smart Grids,” said Paul Senior, chief technical
officer of Airspan.


Airspan products include Pico, Micro and Macro base
stations, a wide variety of user devices, and advanced core network products,
providing 4G LTE and WiMAX connectivity solutions operating in the 700 MHz up
to 5.9 GHz bands.


Recently,  AfriConnect Zambia,
an Internet solutions provider in the Vodacom Group of companies, selected
Airspan 4G equipment to deliver broadband services in Lusaka and
other major cities in Zambia.


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