Airtel launches live Aarti from Jyotirlinga of Somnath for mobile customers

Telecom Lead India: Bharti Airtel has launched Live
Aarti from Jyotirlinga of Somnath for its mobile customers.

During the month of  Shraavan, devotees of Lord
Shiva across India can use their mobile phones to tune into Live Aarti from the
sacred Somnath Jyotirlinga and be a part of the prayer ceremony sitting

Airtel mobile customers traveling to Somnath temple
during the Shraavan season can enjoy seamless network connectivity and stay in
touch with friends and family throughout their holy journey.

This service will allow Airtel mobile customers to tune
into a real-time audio feed of the aarti during the ongoing month
ofShraavan and experience this divine ritual sitting anywhere.

Anant Arora, CEO of Gujarat circle, Bharti
Airtel said, the mobile operator offers a host of services including the
category of faith which allows devotees to stay close to their chosen divinity.
Its customers will see great value from subscribing to this service during the
ongoing month of Shraavan and enjoy the aarti blessings from the comfort of
their homes.

Airtel also offers similar LIVE audio feeds for its
customers from several major shrines of India including Sai Baba, Shirdi,
Tirupati Balaji Temple, Haaji Aliand Bangla Saheb.

Airtel also offer its customers a robust network
experience across Somnath. Devotees on Airtel network traveling to Somnath temple
will enjoy an uninterrupted service experience, thus allowing them to stay in
touch with close ones throughout their journey.

To enjoy Live
Aarti from Somnath without travelling or waiting in queues,
Airtel mobile customers can dial 55230 and subscribe to unlimited audio feed of
the prayers upon an initial registration cost of Rs. 5 and daily charge of Rs.
3. Recasts of earlier prayers will also be available for subscribers to enjoy.

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