Alcatel-Lucent and Percept Knorigin to Bring Digital Entertainment in India

Percept Knorigin (PK) and Alcatel Lucent signed an agreement to expand the distribution of digital entertainment content to subscribers across India.


PK will use Alcatel-Lucent’s Digital Media Store (DMS) to enhance its web and mobile entertainment service, which is offered to consumers through partnerships with telecom service providers such as BSNL, MTNL and Airtel.


With more than 1.2 billion people, India provides an enormous potential audience for PK’s entertainment content – everything from Hindi movies to regional language spectacles and live TV on mobile.


PK’sservices like Adchakra, Cinecurry, HelloTV and 51010 dial-a-video has experienced rapid growth – nearly 300 percent last year, and to meet this increased demand they needed a robust digital media platform that could meet the demanding requirements of Mobile and Web service providers.


Alcatel-Lucent‘s Digital Media Store simplifies the distribution of applications and multimedia content across any network to any connected device – PC, Mobile Phone or TV. With DMS, PK now has a cost-effective and secure solution that is easy to expand, and gives service providers the flexibility to offer video, audio and games to their subscribers – over wireless or wireline networks, easily and profitably.


DMS will enable the service providers offering PK services to establish customized and personalized storefronts and portals, supported by merchandizing tools that include the ability to cross-recommend and cross-sell content based on subscriber interests and buying behaviour. While DMS will provide both PK and service providers increased earning potential, it will also aid bottom lines by reducing content pilfering through the use of a digital-rights-management mechanisms.


Content will be key to building internet penetration in India. We were looking at a scalable service which can keep pace with the great growth we experienced last year; one that can provide us with the capability to create services across mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Our deployment of Alcatel-Lucent’s Digital Media Store will provide an all-in-one solution to the challenges service providers face in terms of content, platform and business operations,” said Viraj Malik, MD & CEO, Percept Knorigin.


Our Digital Media Store will enable Percept Knorigin to introduce very attractive services, and enable them to keep pace with changing market demands – driven by the need for an –it’s-all-about-me’ user experience. Building on this cooperation, Indian consumers will soon be able to move from place to place and device to device freely, getting their multimedia content whenever and wherever they want it,” said Munish Seth, president and managing director, Alcatel-Lucent India.

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