Alltel Wireless in pact with Nuance for Voice2Text service

Telecom Lead America: Alltel Wireless has partnered with
Nuance Communications to use Nuance Dragon voicemail to text for Alltel’s
Voice2Text service.


With Voice2Text, customers on the Alltel network can
receive transcribed voice messages as text messages delivered directly to the
subscribers’ message inbox.


Carriers like Alltel need innovative voice services that
meet the demands of dynamic mobile consumers. Dragon Voicemail to Text takes a
must-have service like voicemail and delivers it with the speed and convenience
required in today’s messaging environment,” said John Pollard, vice president
and general manager, voice-to-text services, Nuance Mobile.


Voice2Text features the same Dragon voice recognition
technology used in the Dragon Mobile apps and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
Messages can be stored or forwarded, and subscribers can still hear the
original voicemail recording if needed.


With the help of Voice2Text service customers can now
read their voice messages as texts right on their mobile phone without the need
for passwords or voice prompts. And because it’s a text message, subscribers
can respond to friends, family or colleagues via text.


Our subscribers love the simplicity of our Voice2Text
service. They can quickly and easily respond to their messages without having
to wait or listen to voice prompts,” said Scott Moody, vice president of
marketing, Alltel Wireless.


Recently, Nuance Communications and U.S. Cellula announced the launch of U.S. Cellular’s new
voice mail to text service, powered by Nuance’s fully-automated Dragon
Voicemail-to-Text platform.


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