Amcom Mobile Connect enables clinicians to send messages from smartphone to other mobile device

Amcom Software announced the launch of version 3.0 of its
Amcom Mobile Connect smartphone and tablet messaging solution, which is
available for Apple, BlackBerry, and Android smartphones and tablets, as well
as Cisco tablets and wireless IP phones.


The latest release of the solution enables clinicians and
other users to access the hospital directory to send encrypted messages from a
smartphone or tablet running Amcom Mobile Connect to any other device.


The solution separates critical messages from less
important emails and texts, allowing clinicians and other users to see
time-sensitive communications easily.


The new version builds on existing security features with
the ability for hospital IT teams to remotely clear a lost or stolen device of
sensitive messages. Together, the functionality in the new release reflects
requests from the many hospitals already relying on Amcom Mobile Connect for
critical communications.


Version 3.0 combines the advanced security, on-the-go
messaging, and directory access our hospital customers require to enable their
clinicians to communicate more effectively as they go about their day,” said
Chris Heim, President, Amcom Software.


Amcom Mobile Connect allows hospitals to simplify staff
communications and strengthen patient care by allowing them to use smartphones
and tablets for code alerts, patient updates, lab results, consult requests,
and more.


Version 3.0 includes a Web portal for administrators to
manage devices running Amcom Mobile Connect. In particular, administrators can view
the organization’s license usage, as well as remotely set user preferences for
message ring tones, the length of time messages are stored on devices, and
developing and setting message templates.


Earlier, Amcom Software announced the release of Amcom Mobile
Connect version 2.3, which now runs on Cisco wireless IP phones and Cius


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