Antenna reaches 9,000 device milestone for mobile web optimization

Antenna Software, a provider a solution for businesses to
design, publish and manage mobile websites and apps across all
Internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, feature phones and
IP TV, announced that it has grown its device database to include more than
9,000 mobile devices.

Antenna’s Device Database is a component of Antenna’s AMP
Web Server, which is a central part of the Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), the
company’s core offering.  

The architecture of the AMP Web Server allows it to react
to a mobile device user’s visit by querying the device database, identifying
the type of device and rendering the site optimally, according to more than
1,000 attributes such as screen size, resolution, browser type, and myriad
other features associated with each device in the database. This ensures that
the end user has the best possible mobile experience, regardless of whether
they’re surfing on the latest high-end smartphone or tablet or on an older

A study conducted by Antenna unveiled that more than a
quarter of consumers surveyed globally indicated that some mobile website
designs did not work properly on their mobile devices, impeding their use of
web on the go.  

Research firm Gartner has predicted that by 2013, more
people in the world will access the Internet on a mobile device than on a PC.
As such, AMP’s suite of cross-platform development and management tools are a
boon to companies deploying mobile web solutions at a time in which operating
system and browser version fragmentation are major developer pain-points.

“By continually innovating and improving our process of device discovery,
we solve the problem of device and platform fragmentation, enabling
organizations to leverage the mobile web to reach more consumers, more
effectively. Every user of every device will enjoy a consistently great
experience because the AMP Web Server optimizes the information for each screen
automatically,” said Mark Watson, executive vice president of Technology
and Engineering at

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