Apple and Android users to download more apps than BlackBerry users


Mobile application downloads are expected to reach nearly
48 billion in 2015, according to In-Stat.


In December 2010, the number of applications in the Apple
App Store reached 350,000 while Android Market reached 80,000.


Survey results show that Apple and Android users are
significantly more likely than BlackBerry users to have downloaded mobile



The mobile applications market has had strong growth over
the past several years, as a result of the addition of new products, players,
and business models. This growth will continue, driven mainly by increased
smartphone penetration, as well as growth in consumer mobile application



The prevalence of handset touchscreens is a significant
development impacting the mobile applications market. The projected rapid
penetration of touchscreen-enabled devices will allow more users to easily
interact with mobile applications, thereby driving growth. Increased on-board
memory capacity will also lead to a better user experience,” said Amy Cravens,
senior analyst at In-Stat.



According to the survey, touchscreens will account for
nearly 90 percent of smartphones shipped in 2011, and will increase to nearly
100 percent in the next several years.


Smartphones are expected to increase from 23 percent of
total phone shipments in 2010 to 45 percent in 2015.


Smartphone applications are not only about 3G. Almost
half of survey respondents report downloading applications over Wi-Fi.


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