AppSense unveils free version of user managed apps technology

a provider of user virtualization technology, announced the free version of
AppSense Strata, a product technology that enables user freedom by providing
them the ability to install and manage their own applications without needing
admin rights.

installation the applications are then seamlessly re-delivered back to their
desktop. Currently the product is in beta and will be generally available in
early 2012.

Strata redefines the IT service and support cost model by allowing users to
quickly install and manage the applications they require without the need to
grant them administrative rights.

managed applications are the missing piece of the desktop management puzzle,
whether the desktop be virtual, physical or mobile or mixed,” said Simon
Bramfitt, founder and principal analyst at Entelechy Associates.

Strata extends the AppSense User Virtualization Platform by enabling users to
install their personal productivity applications, thereby giving the user the
flexibility while enabling maximum productivity. Additionally, the technology
is not a replacement but rather a complement to application virtualization
products as it empowers the user to install individual applications outside of
the gold build to boost productivity without impacting desktop security.

Strata is for organizations wanting to control IT costs, while simultaneously
giving users the freedom they require to be productive,” said Harry Labana, CTO
at AppSense.

true user virtualization platform must provide a solution to manage the user
apps layer that gives users flexibility but does not require IT to relinquish
any control over the desktop. The majority of users want to install personal
applications in addition to the pre-existing ones given to them by their IT
department,” Labana added.

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