AT&T to launch enhanced location options for MAM under location information services

By Telecom Lead Team: Mobile major AT&T will offer
enhanced global location options for mobile asset management as part of its
suite of Location Information Services (LIS).


AT&T LIS includes a set of application programming
interfaces (APIs) for requesting location information from the network.


The newest AT&T LIS feature, Global Cell-ID, can
help optimize routes or schedules in real-time based on cell-ID information
from devices in more than 100 countries, even without GPS.


AT&T LIS Global Cell-ID will make application
development easier by giving developer access to cost-effective APIs, rather
than having each developer build and maintain their own location databases for
managing machine-to-machine solutions.


AT&T LIS is a highly-reliable service and can help to
improve operational efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction and control
costs for global businesses in industries such as field service, fleet
management, transportation and manufacturing.


 “AT&T LIS extends the API
platform for enterprise developers, software vendors or systems
integrators to obtain real-time network-initiated location information and
return it to the business application to help increase utilization of critical
assets in the field,” said Chris Hill, vice president,
Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business and Home Solutions.


The mobile service provider said that it is
experiencing strong customer demand with its business-focused messaging and
location services – Enterprise Paging, Global Smart Messaging
Suite and Location Information Services.


Last year, AT&T Enterprise Paging, a group messaging
and notification solution nearly tripled its number of customers. And, it
experienced year over year growth of 1,500 percent for AT&T Global Smart
Messaging Suite, a web-based application designed for
large enterprise messaging and communication (SMS and e-mail).


Recently, AT&T
revealed its plans to launch AT&T Digital Life, an IP-based remote
monitoring and automation platform to enable global mobile service providers to
offer their subscribers home automation, energy and security services.


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