aVinci Media launches direct mobile photo product


aVinci Media Corporation announced that its cloud based
social utility solution will be used to offer a major mobile carrier Father’s
Day promotion to help drive demand for online mobile services. aVinci’s
solution allows anyone anywhere to spontaneously share, instantly stream and
automatically create virtual and physicalpersonalized photo products from any mobile device,
computer or PC.



aVinci excited
to announce  the use of their solution in conjunction with a major
carrier’s promotion project.  A specific number of mobile customers will
be able to create and receive, at no cost, personalized photo products
customized with their own images when they download a free automated billing
application which permits mobile customers to track voice and data usage, pay
bills, update data plan and services.



“This is the first of many anticipated
implementations we expect where our social utility is used to promote products
and spontaneously share and create virtual and physical products, focusing on
mobile-oriented image capture occasions gives us many more opportunities to
promote both digital services and other event-centric activities with our
products.” said Chett Paulsen, CEO, aVinci Media.



aVinci’s unique and proprietary solutions go beyond
location (GPS) solutions by offering the ability to theme a marketing campaign
prior to the event, instantly and automatically adding value through
integration with design and brand messaging and then automatically promote and
reward consumer activities. More than 40 billion images this year will be
shared online.



aVinci offers the only solution that can maintain brand
integrity through style guide compliance and content review making it the
choice of brands like ESPN, WWE and others in addition to many major music


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]