Blackboard unveils Blackboard ConnectTxt in US

Telecom Lead America: Blackboard has launched Blackboard
ConnectTxt, a 2-way mass notification platform in the U.S.

The platform allows users to send text messages and
emails to a broad audience, through an inbound messaging engine, and receive
replies via text as well.


The company claims that the Blackboard ConnectTxt helps
more than 500 customers around the world.


The company’s customers include more than half of all
colleges and universities in the United Kingdom. The platform helps in
improving response rates to communications and strengthens community engagement
and participation.


“Texting has quickly become the communication method
of choice for many of us, and Blackboard ConnectTxt helps leaders make the most
of this channel’s unique strengths,” said Ed Miller, president of
Blackboard Connect.


“Communications have changed; while email, phone
calls and direct mail are still viable tools, effectively connecting with
students today means having a mobile conversation. Incorporating Blackboard
ConnectTxt into our recruitment strategy has proven that students are willing
to respond if you connect with them in the right way,” said Dana Simmons,
director of e-marketing and outreach at Westminster College.


The company claims that by using Blackboard ConnectTxt,
education, government and private organizations can utilize the popularity of
text messaging for more meaningful conversations.


The core Blackboard ConnectTxt messaging engine processes
and routes inbound SMS with unique keywords, shortcodes and standard codes, QR
codes, and inbox filters and workflow rules.


Blackboard Mobile apps reach 3 million downloads


Last year, mobile apps deployed by Blackboard reached
nearly 3 million download.


More than 1,100 higher education institutions and school
districts worldwide use Blackboard Mobile native applications for
courses and for student life and services.


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