Brazil Contran 245 vehicle tracking law to be delayed

The Brazilian law requiring GPRS modules in all new
vehicles produced in, or imported to, Brazil will again be delayed, according
to Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics Service.

The Contran 245 mandate enacted by Brazil’s DENATRAN
Transportation Ministry will be delayed for an eighth time, based upon a survey
of automotive executives who were polled in connection with the recent
Telematics Update Brazil and LATAM conference in Sao Paulo.

Ninety percent of the senior executives responding to
this Strategy Analytics survey said that the January 2012 will not take place
until at least June 2012. A formal announcement is expected in late December.

The Brazil Contran 245 is changing the way governments,
car makers and wireless carriers around the world think about telematics and
its potential to resolve traffic, crime and pollution issues,” said Roger C.
Lanctot, senior analyst, Global Automotive Practice, Strategy Analytics. 

The Contran 245 mandate requires that manufacturers add a
GPRS module to vehicles produced in, or imported to, Brazil in order to: Enable
vehicle tracking and immobilization intended to reduce vehicle theft; and
Improve recovery rates for stolen vehicles.

The recent Strategy Analytics report, Brazil: The
Embrace of Wireless Technologies Transforms the Telematics Market,” includes
details of the law and the existing scheduled implantation.

Survey respondents cited need for additional time for the
government to complete the creation of its home location registry (HLR) which
will be a central database containing the details of each mobile phone
subscriber that is authorized to use the GSM core network.

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