Brazilian celebrities to start Lifecasting using AppTech livecam mobile platform


AppTech announced its agreement with Media
Bridge, a multiplatform content producer in Brazil, to supply its technical
resources that enable celebrities to start broadcasting live mobile video

Initially, 11 artists who account for three
million Twitter followers will participate in the program.

These prominent stars include Bruno
Gagliasso, Dani Suzuki, Giovana Ewbank, Kelly Key and Henri Castelli.

“High profile personalities who have
an established following on social networks have the ability to drive traffic
which converts into revenue,” said Elias Rocha, CEO, AppTech Corp.

“If they can get 5 percent of their
current fan base to view either their live broadcasts or archived videos that
will be made available for subsequent on-demand viewing, we will generate, on
the low side, $1,000,000 a year in revenue from online and mobile advertising
sources alone,” Rocha added.

Because the video streams and apps are free
to users who are pre-qualified consumers of this content, the click-through
rate and the combined page views on web and mobile platforms may actually be
higher than 5 percent.

“Media Bridge’s new partnership with
AppTech establishes a direct audiovisual link between the artists and their
fans.  This opens a major window of opportunity to create new and
synergistic products using complementary multiple media platforms,” said
Diogo Boni, the promoter of Media Bridge.

They will be exploring merchandising
opportunities to enhance revenue base. AppTech’s thrust is in Brazil, the
world’s seventh largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth largest by purchasing
power parity.

AppTech will continue to consolidate its
market presence in Brazil and plans to go after other lucrative markets in the
rest of Latin America, North America, Europe, and the Far East.

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