Certified Tracking Solutions unveils new GPS Smartphone App for Android

Certified Tracking Solutions (CTS), a division of B&B Electronics, unveiled
new Titan GPS Smartphone App onto the Android Market.

Titan Tracking offers multiple series of
hardware to connect to the Titan GPS App, ranging from consumer vehicle
connectivity to enterprise level Fleet Management.

“The Titan GPS Smartphone App is by
far the most advanced Smartphone remote starting app in the aftermarket 12 Volt
industry” said Bent Jensen, Certified Tracking general manager and partner.

Titan Tracking’s mapping dashboard
interface is part of a “World Class” end to end GPS fleet management
solution. The power behind Titan Tracking’s web based and mobile Smartphone
dashboards is how they are cross compatible with the entire line of Titan’s
industry leading GPS tracking hardware.

Titan’s new GPS Android App is compatible
with all four series offered by Titan Tracking and each series is specifically
designed and tailored to meets the needs of each market vertical like Consumer
Vehicle Messaging & GPS Tracking, Advanced Fleet Replay GPS Tracking,
DealerSecure High Risk Lease series and Self Powered “SP” GPS Tracking

Powered by Certified Tracking Solutions,
the Titan Tracking and Messaging brand is dedicated to quality, service and
integrity. Titan Innovations products are guaranteed to be built to the highest
specifications using only quality components that have been tested extensively
under extreme conditions.

“We introduced an industry first with our true 2-way command confirmation
intelligence. Our vehicle messaging system will actually confirm to the user
that the Titan Remote Starter has not only received the command, but that the
start procedure was successfully executed. We can even request and extend the
run time remaining as well as provide failed start feedback to the user,”
Jensen added.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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