China Telecom E Surfing to get NQ Mobile’s vLife technology

China Telecom will bring NQ Mobile’s vLife technology to China Telecom’s E Surfing product.

As per the agreement, vLife will power the user interface for the mobile cloud platform, enabling China Telecom to present dynamic content, recommendations and promotions across video wallpapers, lock screen wallpapers and theme galleries.

Recently, China Telecom, which competes with China Mobile and China Unicom, has launched E Surfing, a mobile cloud platform, to offer a unified experience via website and mobile client. It combines the functionality of a mobile desktop along with data management, an app store, security protection and utility applications. The platform has achieved 200,000 downloads per day.

NQ Mobile’s vLife wallpaper is a popular promotional tool in the Chinese market, with frequent use by film studios in support of major motion picture releases. The technology also provides the basis of NQ Live, the unique and engaging platform for real-time content and application experiences.

NQ Live is available through manufacturers including ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei and is powering the next generation of Sprint ID, known as Sprint Live.

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