Clairmail selects Jigsaw Data Cloud to power mobile banking, an enterprise cloud computing company,
announced that Clairmail has deployed the Jigsaw Data Cloud to accelerate its
fast-growing mobile banking operations.


Clairmail is the provider of mobile solutions for
banking, with one-third of the top 50 banks in North America using Clairmail’s
on-demand mobile banking solution.


Clairmail selected the Jigsaw Data Cloud as they
discovered in vendor trials that Jigsaw increased productivity, response rates
and overall sales and marketing effectiveness. Jigsaw’s success comes from
combining the accuracy of the community with real-time updates to data.


Jigsaw’s community of 1.8 million individuals update 1 million
contacts a month. Such real-time updates in the cloud enabled Clairmail to
react to changing responsibilities of leads and prospects almost as they
happened, giving Clairmail a competitive edge.


Clairmail also implemented Salesforce Chatter for corporate
social collaboration, for mobile application development and the
Service Cloud for exceptional customer service.


Accessing Jigsaw natively within Salesforce CRM
accelerates CRM adoption by providing accurate lead and contact data to sales
and marketing teams.


Clairmail found
that Jigsaw was significantly more accurate than the next closest vendor —
delivering an overall increase in productivity, response rates and sales and
marketing leads.


“After running campaign influence tests, we found
that the data generated by Jigsaw is the number one lead source of sales for
Clairmail – with 30 percent of sales tied in some way to Jigsaw,” said
Sean Mulvihill, director of marketing, Clairmail.


Salesforce Chatter, the private and
secure social network for business, makes it easy for Clairmail’s employees to
share information, documents and insights across organizational barriers.


Salesforce Service Cloud allowed Clairmail to organize
customer service information around cases, providing employees and executives
with 360-degree views of every customer and its platform allowed
Clairmail to build a custom sales-enablement application to help sales people
collaborate around accounts, contracts and opportunities.


Clairmail is growing so quickly it’s critical they
access business data updated in real-time to keep up with the pace-of-change in
the modern banking industry,” said Brett Queener, executive vice president,
Jigsaw data cloud.



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