Cloudmark and Tekelec to protect network operators from unwanted SMS messages

a global provider of messaging security and communications management, and Tekelec,
a mobile broadband solutions company, announced their partnership to help prevent
unwanted text messages from reaching subscribers, regardless of the messenger’s
source or even if the recipient is roaming on another network.

new combined offering is able to automatically scan every message for unwanted
content with near zero latency. Major trials from this partner relationship are
currently underway in Europe.

Network Operators (MNOs) will now be able to offer new personalized services
such as parental controls, anti-bullying and a range of messaging management
options to subscribers — greatly enhancing user protection and experience.

new combined mobile security and communications management solution reduces the
likelihood of malicious attacks and increases brand value in the eyes of the
consumer. It also allows MNOs to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by
empowering end users to set personal preferences and easily and proactively
report spam without having to interact with call centers to resolve issues.

Cloudmark’s mobile
messaging security solution enables MNOs to combat ever-evolving messaging
threats with advanced mobile anti-virus, subscriber behavior analysis and
subscriber preference capabilities.

combined solution offers MNOs a tried, tested and proven solution that helps
protect their networks from malicious attacks regardless of where the message
originates or even if the subscriber is roaming on another network,” said Alan
Ranger, vice president of mobile marketing at Cloudmark.

can create customized scenarios which best suit the needs of their individual
network and subscriber base. In addition to protecting against annoying and
malicious spam activity, Cloudmark defends against malware/viruses, fraud and
bullying and offers comprehensive content control.

security has become not just a security investment, now it’s a value
investment,” said Devesh Agarwal, vice president of mobile messaging, Tekelec.

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