Comviva introduces Hola! at Mobile World Congress 2012

Telecom Lead:
  Comviva, a provider of
mobile solutions has launched Hola!, a one stop shop application to access
social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter,  email as well as
popular web feeds via the mobile phone.


Hola! is powered by Comviva’s WebAxn, a cloud-based
or network-based mobile application platform that enables service providers to
develop and deploy applications and services on mass market handsets.


The new app is a standards-based solution that enables
rapid and cost-efficient development, testing, deployment, management,
distribution and marketing of a wide range of client, SMS & USSD based
mobile applications.


The company said that the app will democratize
social networking through mobile phones especially the avid networkers in the
emerging markets.


Hola! will deliver services to mobile operator customers
that will further drive mobile data proliferation. On one hand, it will help
operators with their business objective of enhanced customer experience and
increased revenues. On the other hand, it will empower customers to experience
handset agnostic, faster and instant social networking connect,” said Arun
Tanksali, head, mobile lifestyle solutions, Comviva.


The company said that with this new app, operators can
build brand loyalty in emerging markets with the creation of a new revenue


Also, it provides operators insight into consumers’ usage
patterns, supporting creation of successful cross selling activities and
service packs


On the other hand, the app will enable customers to do
easy, manageable and interesting communication. It will offer 24X7 services
irrespective of the network connectivity.


Recently,  Comviva,
Sybase 365 and Utiba joined MasterCard mobile money partnership program.


The MasterCard Mobile Money Partnership Program is aimed
at helping more than 2.5 billion financially-underserved consumers worldwide
gain access to formal financial services through their mobile phones.


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