Comviva to expand cloud based messaging and mobile data solutions globally



Comviva, a provider of mobile solutions
beyond VAS, announced that it is expanding cloud based messaging and data
solution globally.


Medium and small sized operators across the
US have already experienced business benefits of Comviva’s cloud based
solutions through its technology partners since past 7 years.


The company is looking at medium/small sized
operators in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia to offer Comviva’s cloud
based messaging and data solution.


Comviva’s Messaging Solutions allows
operators to choose from a wide range of text, USSD and multimedia applications
to satisfy the evolving need of users.


Mobile Data Solution deploys a range of
techniques to compress and accelerate Internet traffic using smart caching
algorithms to handle the demands of video and P2P and optimizing bandwidth and
hardware investment to significantly rationalize costs.


“The potential for the cloud model to
simplify the operational life of the operator is immense. We introduced a
cloud-based messaging platform for our customers as it can transform operator’s
ability to respond to the market – without having to worry about lengthy ROI
planning or CAPEX. This would enable innovation and revenue growth in the fast
changing VAS space by moving the focus back to the consumer,” said Vikram
Shanbhag, vice president of Messaging Solutions, Comviva.


Comviva will use the cloud to reach out to
small/medium sized operators and MVNOs to enhance their VAS infrastructure
using an affordable pay-as-you-use model. Operators will be able to select
services on demand, connect to their existing network infrastructure, and
reduce turnaround time in delivering new services while giving them the ability
to scale and grow as needed.


Adding the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach
to its existing delivery models allows Comviva to provide rapid and cost
effective responses to the market challenges faced by operators.


Recently, Bharti Airtel announced its managed VAS services deal with Comviva for its Africa operations. As part
of the five-year deal, Comviva will manage all VAS nodes and provide services
across Airtel’s 16 operations in Africa.


Airtel Africa will become the first telecom
services operator in Africa to have a managed services agreement for its
complete value added services portfolio.


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