CP Communications picks LandAirSea’s SilverCloud real-time GPS tracking system

Telecom Lead America: LandAirSea Systems, a developer of
passive and real-time GPS tracking systems, announced that it has been selected
by CP Communications as a provider for their GPS tracking solutions.


CP Communications leveraged the SilverCloud real-time GPS
tracking system to accurately locate and monitor the RF microphones for the
NBC/Golf Channel on-course Talent as well as their RF Camera systems.


I searched on the web for a GPS device that gave me a
cost effective real-time tracking solution and LandAirSea was, on the surface,
the best choice. The real-time function was a key in our decision making as
well as the Goggle Earth maps. Another feature we are using is the waypoint
marking,” said Kurt Heitmann, senior vice president of sales and marketing, CP


Common applications for the SilverCloud GPS tracking
system include fleet vehicle management, law enforcement surveillance and
personal vehicle tracking.


CP Communications, however, used the SilverCloud to track
their broadcast team on-site and on-course in real-time.


The SilverCloud’s real-time GPS location data helps save
fleet dispatchers, and in this case production crew managers, valuable time and


With SilverCloud managers will be able to locate and route
their teams to the proper place without having to figure out where they are


The 3-second continuous updates provided by SilverCloud
offers CP Communications the ability to track their audio and video team on the
map in true real-time.


The user-friendly SilverCloud online mapping software,
powered by Google Maps, also allowed them to see precisely where each team was
at all times without having to contact them individually.

CP Communications provides high quality, sophisticated
wireless and wired communications systems to the broadcast, theatrical, live
event, film, corporate and other entertainment industries.


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