Deutsche Telekom rings RealNetworks to offer managed ringback tone service to 44 million mobile users

Telecom Lead Europe: Deutsche Telekom has selected RealNetworks to offer managed ringback tone service to more than 44 million mobile subscribers in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

T-Mobile wireless users in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic can replace their standard tone with their favorite music tracks for callers to enjoy before the call is answered.

In 2013, the service will be available to both postpaid and prepaid customers and will work across all handset types and models.

RealNetworks’ managed services offer significant advantages in customizing subscribers’ entertainment experiences while creating new revenue streams.

“We are always looking for new ways to help our subscribers get the most from their mobile experience, and partnering with RealNetworks offers the ideal vehicle to do this. RealNetworks’ experience as a worldwide leader in the ringback tone service, combined with its local knowledge, marketing and product management abilities, was central in Deutsche Telekom’s selection of the company as its latest partner,” said Michael Pasch, vice president of global music and video at Deutsche Telekom.

“When working with any operator, our marketing experts provide flexible and seamlessly tailored services to address local market demands and situations. We are committed to making the ringback tone service a major success for Deutsche Telekom and look forward to working together to launch more innovative, engaging products in the future,” said Kenneth Murphy, RealNetworks’ area vice president for Europe.

The recent partnership with Deutsche Telekom adds to RealNetworks’ strong business footprint in Europe, where it now provides video, music, games and convergence services to 18 telecommunications providers.

Recently, Digi International tied up with Deutsche Telekom to enable access remote devices used in machine-to-machine (M2M) applications throughout Europe.

As part of the M2M agreement, Digi will integrate Deutsche Telekom’s industrial-grade SIM cards into its wireless gateways and routers and M2M SIM management functionalities into the iDigi Device Cloud.

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