Dialogic and Voiceserve in pact for mobile video conferencing solution


Dialogic, a provider of communications technologies that
power advanced networks, announced it has teamed up with VoipSwitch, a wholly
owned subsidiary of Voiceserve to develop and validate an open standards-based
mobile video conferencing solution based on the technology components
commercially available from both companies.


The combined solution provides for SIP-based mobile video
conferencing from Android and iPhone smartphones using off-the-shelf smartphone
video client applications, rather than non standards-compliant proprietary
networks and terminals.


This enables enterprises and service providers to employ
a cost effective approach to developing and deploying mobile and multimedia
communications, using the efficiencies of cloud computing.


Video communication solutions are predominantly built
using proprietary networks, protocols and codecs from recognized industry
players. This is largely attributed to the extensive amount of experimentation
required to develop an open standards-based solution.


Dialogic and
VoipSwitch combined VoipSwitch’s Vippie SIP-based smartphone client
application, based on Dialogic multimedia processing software, to develop a
proof-of-concept that can significantly decrease the time and cost required to
create open and modular standards-based mobile video communication solutions.
Because the solution is software-based, it provides for the quick delivery of
scalable and reliable new services.


The solution also incorporates the Dialogic BorderNet 500
Gateway, a session border controller that allows clients to make SIP calls on
the Internet from anywhere and enables them to deploy the solution in hosted or
cloud environments.


For far too long expensive proprietary platforms have
proven to be a barrier of entry to the video conferencing market,” said Michael
Bibelman, CEO of Voiceserve.


Demand for mobile multimedia services is poised to
continue to increase and, as it does, it is important that the right tools are
available to developers to help meet this demand. We are excited that through
our collaboration with a great company like VoipSwitch,
we were able to develop a more accessible mobile video conferencing tool for
the developer community,” said Franz-Josef Eberle, vice president and general
manager, VAS and Cloud Enabling Unit at Dialogic.


Dialogic recently announced
that the Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGE Media Gateway and I-Gate 4000 PRO Media
Gateway have been deployed on microwave and satellite portions of Airtel’s
African GSM network.


This optimization solution increases voice bandwidth
capacity on the same network by eightfold, resulting in significant CAPEX and
OPEX savings, while maintaining high quality voice services.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]