Dialogic unveils Solution Showcase


Dialogic, a provider of communications technologies that
power advanced networks, announced the launch of its Solution Showcase.


The new solution highlights a variety of cutting-edge
communications solutions, including mobile value-added services, cloud-based
business communications solutions and unified communications solutions that are
built on Dialogic technology.


The Solution Showcase features market-tested,
revenue-generating solutions for service providers and enterprises. Each
solution is recognized for its innovative nature as well as its market-proven
reliability, ease of deployment, and scalability.


The Showcase highlights a broad range of network-based
solutions, including 3G video call intercept designed for law enforcement
agencies, location-based services that help friends and family members keep
track of one another, real-time video conferencing services, cloud-based PBX
services, mobile banking and mobile entertainment solutions.


“Dialogic is proud that our technology enables
high-quality communication services for service providers and enterprises
around the world,” said Jim Machi, senior vice president of marketing at


“We are excited to celebrate our partners’
outstanding global innovations, and eager to connect them with service
providers and enterprises, which will help advance and diversify the
communications industry. We look forward to an ongoing expansion of the
Showcase as more solutions are deployed,” Machi added.


Dialogic’s partners come from many worldwide markets, and
operate in several verticals within the communications industry. The showcase
currently includes more than 17 participating partners.


Dialogic recently announced it has teamed up
with VoipSwitch, a wholly owned subsidiary of Voiceserve to develop and
validate an open standards-based mobile video conferencing solution based on
the technology components commercially available from both companies.


By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]