djuice launches human App


Norwegian mobile operator djuice launched the world’s
first human mobile application. The Human App will help you solve everyday
problems for free straight from your mobile phone.


The Human App lets you control a person who does nothing but solve ordinary people’s problems
– all from your mobile telephone. 


The Human App sets a completely new standard for future
mobile technology. The application combines the unique communication
possibilities of the mobile phone with human qualities like problem solving and
creativity,” said June Paulsen, head of djuice Norway.


The Human App will help you with anything you need. It’s the app you’ve been dreaming of
whether you need help with your shopping, deliver a singing SMS, romantic
surprises, DIY help, someone to take your place in tricky situations, spa
treatment, a cleaner or someone to talk to.


Our ambition at djuice is to be the world’s first mobile
operator to really offer everything you need from your mobile. The Human App is
an important step in the right direction for offering a complete all-in-one
solution from the low-cost mobile operator djuice,” added Paulsen.


The Human App – from a remote small Norwegian
town More than 700 people applied for the job as The Human App and more than
60,000 people have watched the job application films on YouTube – which is a
lot in a small country like Norway.


This makes The Human App Norway’s most popular summer
job. After a thorough selection process, Silje Urke Antonsen (21) from the
small Norwegian town, Ulsteinvik, finally landed the job as the world’s first
human mobile application.


I will do everything to help as many people as possible
with the challenges they’re facing. Whether they need help with their plumbing,
a temp at work or a party planer I will do everything I can to solve the tasks
people give to me,” said Silje Urke Antonsen, who is The Human App for djuice.



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