Enterprise app stores to transform IT channel business

Enterprise app stores will redefine channel IT business over the next three years. Beyond the hype of cloud computing, the growth of app stores will be representing the true transformational force within the enterprise software market, according to Canalys.

Coinciding with the increasing number of enterprise app stores, close to 80 percent of all EMEA channel partners recently surveyed by Canalys named software-as-a-service as the key cloud opportunity for them. Enterprise app stores are one of the best platforms from which channel partners can potentially generate revenue through cloud software and services.

Cloud is important, but is having a more limited impact than partners realize right now. While cloud is certainly one aspect of the changing enterprise software landscape, it is not the key driver. The trends underlying enterprise app stores are much more fundamental,” said Adam Daum, chief analyst, Canalys.

According to Canalys, the rise of enterprise app stores is being propelled by a combination of related IT mega-trends:


With or without permission, employees are increasingly bringing their own mobile devices into the workplace. Many companies have modified their IT policies to accept these devices. Others are encouraging employees to bring their own mobile devices, or even supplying them with devices traditionally associated with the consumer world, such as smart phones and pads. Internal app stores enable enterprises to efficiently manage the growing number of mobile form factors and OS platforms, while bolstering employee satisfaction.  

The decentralization of IT


Facing mounting pressure from dissatisfied internal customers, difficult-to-manage legacy applications and overwhelming workloads, enterprises are actively seeking new ways of devolving certain IT decisions and tasks away from IT departments to their various business units. Policies may still be controlled centrally, but more choice and control of simple apps will continue to spread throughout the enterprise. Easily navigable app stores effectively enable IT to maintain control over security and governance, while reducing IT department headcount.

Changes in enterprise software architecture

IT departments are starting to emerge from a long, dark tunnel of difficult-to-integrate, difficult-to-manage enterprise applications. End-user demand for simplicity, tied to serious budget constraints, is encouraging IT to expose APIs, enabling simple apps to deliver intended results quickly and efficiently. Without the complexity, these apps can easily be distributed via internal stores, whose interfaces resemble those found in the consumer world.   


Led by consumer cloud growth, software-as-a-service dominates IT marketing agendas and even mainstream media coverage. In the enterprise setting, the proliferation of mobile devices requires a comprehensive yet easy-to-use software platform, accessible anytime, anywhere.

IT vendors have already launched their own internal enterprise app stores, while other industries are leaping into the action. When Standard Chartered Bank moved to the iPhone platform and developed its own app store, it helped usher in a paradigm shift in IT decision-making.

By using enterprise software improvements as a means for an image make-over, IT can embrace creativity and portray itself as an enabler again.

The economic crisis in Europe will dominate the regional business agenda for years to come, putting channel partners under greater pressure to alter their business models both quickly and strategically if they want to survive in the long term. As enterprise app stores transform the IT landscape, channel partners will face competition not only from vendors but also from large enterprise customers themselves.

The IT channel has traditionally profited from inefficient, complex enterprise software. Where in the past channel partners have focused on tricky software installations, lucrative licensing revenue, and ongoing training and help-desk services, they’ll need to transition to custom app development and app store management if they want to succeed in the industry.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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