Ericsson Money launches connected mobile money in Europe

Ericsson Money Services launched a
number of new mobile money services, Ericsson Money, across seven European

Mobile phone users in the UK,
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden can sign up from today at
to send and receive money to and from friends and family and withdraw cash.
This is the first step toward bringing a full suite of convenient,
cost-efficient, secure and instant mobile financial services to consumers


As money transfers become more like
mobile communication, our mobile phones will become central to not only our
social lives, but also our financial lives. After easily creating a safe and
secure mobile wallet online, users will be able access their money safely from
the Ericsson Money network through their phones.


Ericsson Money enables people to
send and receive money instantly and withdraw cash – such as parents to their
children at university or on their travels using the handset as the access
point to their personal mobile wallet. Transferring money to family and friends
who are just around the corner, at a café, or even in a different country will
now be as quick and easy as sending a text message.


For consumers, the services will
offer greater freedom of choice, access to money and a faster and more
convenient way to share money with friends and family. People who can benefit
immediately include:


Ericsson Money Services plans to
make Ericsson Money available to the rest of Europe soon. In the near
future  consumers will be able to connect with other similar services
globally (via Ericsson Money Interconnect), making sending money as quick, easy
and natural as sending a text message a reality for people around the world.


Ever since mobile phones went
mainstream they have become the backbone of our social lives. We text, we
tweet, we instant message, we connect via social networks for millions of hours
per month. For many people today, accessing information and services on the
mobile is as instinctive as taking the next breath,” said Semir Mahjoub,
Ericsson vice president and president of Ericsson Money Services.


To Ericsson, it’s logical that as
connected consumers in every other part of our lives we should have the same
freedom of choice, access and availability in our financial lives. Simply
having a friend’s phone number, irrespective of where he or she is in the
world, will open up access to financial services and mobile money in a new way.
It’s an exciting time for a new industry and we are really looking forward to
accelerating the pace at which individuals around the world can benefit from
globally connected money services in their everyday lives by making money
transfer more like mobile communication,” Mahjoub added.


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