ESCORT expands ticket protection network for Apple iOS and Android smartphone users

Telecom Lead America:
ESCORT, a manufacturer of automotive accessories, has launched ESCORT Live
Version 2.0., its ticket protection network.

The new version will assist ESCORT to target more than 60
million Apple IOS and Android smartphone users. 

“We are excited about the truly revolutionary level of
protection that ESCORT Liveâ„¢ has brought to radar detector consumers and to the
category.  Our industry acclaimed technology connects all of our radar
detector users in real-time allowing them to share ticket threats with
others,” said John Larson, ESCORT President and CEO. 

“Now, we have opened up that opportunity to millions
more iPhone and Android users inviting them to join in a free element of these
alerts with the release of ESCORT Live Version 2.0. With one touch of a button,
you can download ESCORT Live and turn your smartphone (IOS or Android) into a
radar detector by joining ESCORT Nation,” Larson added.

ESCORT will be demonstrating both the ESCORT Live
ticket protection app and its windshield mount detectors at the New York
City CEA Lineshow. 

By downloading the new ESCORT Live Version 2.0 ticket
protection app, drivers gain access to a portion of the ultimate live alert
network.  With the ESCORT Live Version 2.0 app on smartphone, users can
track speed traps and cameras before users are in their range. 

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