FirsTech unveils mobile payments to complete their capabilities

FirsTech announced the addition of a mobile payments offering completing their
circle of success suite of payment capabilities.

FirsTech partnered with Clients for several months to research and gather input
around requirements necessary to make mobile a viable avenue for business
success for their customers.

Considering input denoted around ease of use, streamlined set-up, demand from
Gen Y, and most importantly security, FirsTech designed the platform to conform
not only to the current Client’s needs, but also the anticipated future needs
of the market.

“Our approach to new technology development has always been to gain input from
our customers and couple that with our knowledge of the evolving market in
order to ensure the two are aligned,” said Howard Mooney, CEO, FirsTech.

With FirsTech’s platform, the end-user’s payment information is never
transferred via the mobile device itself, merely accessed behind the scenes via
a unique authorization code delivered by text for each transaction.

Many of the security issues that have prohibited mobile adoption to this point are
alleviated, giving FirsTech’s Clients a viable, inexpensive, and cutting edge
alternative to enhance their services to their customers.

By Team

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