Funambol provides first personal cloud app for (WAC) Personal Cloud App


Telecom Lead Team:
  Funambol, a provider of
white-label personal cloud solutions for mobile devices, has announced that it
is providing the first personal cloud app for Wholesale Applications Community


Funambol is the first non-game app to be certified and
accepted by WAC. Funambol integrated the WAC billing APIs for in-app upgrades,
enabling users to purchase additional cloud storage while using the Funambol


Now, Funambol is available to 60 mobile operator and
device manufacturer members of WAC for their collective base of three billion


“Their rapid integration of the WAC billing APIs
shows how easy it is for apps to quickly gain access to a vast global base of
mobile operator and device manufacturers. This again underlines our commitment
to helping the developer community make more innovations in applications,”
said Peters Suh, CEO of WAC.


WAC is an open global alliance of the world’s largest
mobile network operators and manufacturers.


“Funambol is focused on rapid global adoption of our
personal cloud solution and WAC offers a great way to reach billions of users.
WAC streamlined the billing process to make it super easy for dozens of WAC
members to offer a personal cloud service to all of their users,” said
Amit Chawla, CEO of Funambol.


WAC enabled Funambol to enhance one version of its
app with WAC billing APIs to make it available for WAC member user bases.


A few months back, Funambol
conducted a survey and revealed that there is a genuine interest in using
personal clouds (i.e. digital lockers), as long as they are secure, private and
support the devices that people own.


The results indicated that 75 percent of users plan to
use the personal cloud to store rich media and digital data, and that 67
percent of users would be willing to pay to use such services, with $5 per month
being the most popular price point.


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