Geoloqi unveils location based service platform

By Telecom Lead Team: Geoloqi has launched a platform for
next-generation location based services along with its language agnostic SDK
for iOS and Android, and proprietary API.

Geoloqi offers geolocation tools, including geo-fencing,
messaging, security and analytics that empowers the enterprise, government and
developers to unlock the full potential of real-time location-based services.

“There’s no denying that we now live in an
increasingly mobile world. Geolocation has the potential to become an
indispensable part of our lives,” said Amber Case, CEO and founder of

The Geoloqi platform breaks the monotony of first
generation location services by offering a complete, cross-platform, language,
device and carrier agnostic platform for enterprise applications and
IP-connected devices.

The platform enables persistent background location
tracking, intelligent battery management, and transitions smoothly between
location sources such as carrier signals, GPS and Wi-Fi for real-time tracking.

Additionally, Geoloqi provides rich location and
dwell-time analytics, giving customers the ability to analyze and take action
on location data for the first time.

The Geoloqi SDK enables accurate, customizable
geofencing, auto-check ins, and automatically manages a device’s battery life
while using location, so users can run the app all day without significant
battery drain.

The platform’s spatial storage allows user to create and
store places, messages, and geofences. In addition, it provides deep, real-time
analytics on users and their location data and history and allows customers to
create custom reports.

Furthermore, it offers push messages to end users upon
arriving, dwelling or leaving a place, as well as based off of time or day or a
user’s speed. Messaging works with any carrier and enables notifications for
iOS and Android, SMS and Email for all devices.

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