Global Gaming Network to offer text messaging services to publishers and distributors

Telecom Lead America: Global Gaming Network has set up a
new division to offer low cost (SMS) text messaging services to third party
publishers and distributors.

The company will leverage its proprietary software that
will offer a reduced cost option to major carriers high priced and
extraordinarily lucrative short code transmission.

Short code delivery is controlled exclusively by the
various telco carriers. It has placed them in the position of setting their own
prices and controlling the gateway to delivering text messages to mobile phones
in the United States.

If a company wants to operate a SMS based delivery
system, it is now at the mercy of the telco carriers, known to charge as much
as $.04/message, making it prohibitive for most small to medium size companies
to make a profit on their distribution operations.

“Our proprietary system will eliminate a company’s
need to go to the telcos for short code distribution. We believe there exists
an opportunity to offer companies a method of distributing SMS at a cost
effective and efficient manner that will undercut the competition,” said
Stephen Kern, president of GBGM.

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