Global mobile transactions to cross $1 trillion by 2015


The value of global mobile transactions will grow from
$241 billion in 2011 to more than $1 trillion by 2015, a CAGR of 56 percent,
according to Yankee Group.


That growth, coupled with 500 million mobile banking
users around the world in the same time frame, presents an enormous opportunity
for both new and established players in the mobile money ecosystem. To help
companies capitalize on this rapidly evolving opportunity, Yankee Group
unveiled an innovative new service today called Mobile Money Strategies.


Mobile Money Strategies
is designed specifically to help retail banks, payment networks, mobile
operators and other mobile money players implement, market and monetize
successful mobile money strategies. It puts clients on the inside track of the
mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile coupon and mobile payment sectors and
offers key insights into current and future mobile money adoption trends.


Near field communications enabled phones will grow from
just 7 million in 2011 to 203 million in 2015, a CAGR of 208 percent.


In 2011, EMEA accounts for 41 percent of mobile
transactions value, while North America accounts for 35 percent, Asia-Pacific
22 percent and Latin America just 1 percent.


Currently, 27 percent of all survey respondents use
mobile banking far more than use m-commerce (13 percent), mobile coupons (11
percent) and mobile payments (9 percent).


We are on the cusp of a burgeoning mobile money
marketplace, one where first movers will gain a significant strategic
advantage. With consumers flocking to all things mobile, Mobile Money
Strategies delivers the market intelligence and insights needed to profit from
this revolution,” said Gigi Wang, chief research officer, Yankee Group.


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