Globe Telecom taps Polaris Wireless for location-based services (LBS)

Telecom Lead Asia: Globe Telecom has tapped Polaris Wireless to deploy the OmniLocate universal location platform and refresh Globe Telecom’s Location-Based Services (LBS) capability.

Globe Telecom is the fifteenth deployment of the OmniLocate platform outside the US, the fourth in the Asia-Pacific region, and the thirty-ninth worldwide.

Location-based services, according to market research firm Gartner, are expected to grow to $13.5 billion in revenues by 2015, with the Asia-Pacific market comprising a significant share of that increase.

Joanne Perez, Product Manager for Enabling Platforms for Globe Telecom, said: “With the LBS platform, subscribers don’t need a special device or smartphone to enjoy services such as Friend Finder or Establishment Finder. This allows us to enrich subscriber experience with more location-enabled value-added services.”

OmniLocate, a software-based wireless location solution, can be deployed on a standard computer server inside the wireless operator’s network.

Sridhar Kolar, vice president for Asia-Pacific Business Development for Polaris Wireless, said: “Our experience in providing the technology to enable LBS in several countries throughout Asia will directly benefit Globe Telecom subscribers.”

OmniLocate helps identify the location of device across 2G (GSM/CDMA), 3G (UMTS/WCDMA) and emerging 4G (LTE) air interfaces.

Polaris Wireless provides its customers product enhancements and updates, and 24/7 technical and operational support for optimal performance.

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