GoldSpot Media unveils Open Mobile Advertising Alliance


GoldSpot Media launched the Open Mobile Advertising
Alliance to accelerate adoption of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s
(IAB’s) forthcoming MRAID (Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions) spec for
mobile rich media ads.


This new standards-based solution empowers the
advertising industry to seamlessly transact in-app mobile advertising across
all smartphones and tablets.


The mobile rich media advertising industry is far from
scalable, with resource-intensive proprietary integrations, weekly SDK updates,
under-delivering rich media ecosystems and broken mobile ad server


GoldSpot Media has been collaborating with the
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Open Rich Media Mobile Advertising
(ORMMA) to develop a solution that eliminates the fragmentation in mobile
advertising. IAB is expected to ratify its MRAID version 1.0 specifications in
early September.


The GoldSpot Media
in-app SDK for iOS and Android enhances the pioneering contributions to the
ORMMA open source project and is available at no charge to participants of the
Open Mobile Advertising Alliance. Partners can optionally enable advanced
features such as ad caching, frequency capping and video overlays.


Publishers in the mobile advertising ecosystem are
frustrated with today’s disparate online and mobile ad serving
infrastructures,” said Cameron Clayton, EVP Digital Products, The Weather
Channel Companies and Co-Chair of IAB Mobile Committee.


GoldSpot Media’s white label solution simply plugs into a
publisher’s existing ad server via an open campaign interface, thereby
eliminating additional operations and infrastructure costs.


Publishers can sell digital effectively as they can use
their existing inventory forecasting and other ad server functions, while
maximizing their mobile revenues by selling MRAID compliant ads from any rich
media vendor, as soon as they are available.


For a highly scalable mobile advertising ecosystem,
advertisers and agencies should be allowed to focus on driving marketing goals
without being restrained by technology hurdles,” said Srini Dharmaji, founder
and CEO, GoldSpot Media.


Similarly, a publisher should be free to focus on
driving higher ad revenues through engaging ad campaigns using state of the art
creative ad units without significantly increasing their CapEx and OpEx. The
Open Mobile Advertising Alliance helps make that a reality for our publisher
and advertiser customers,” Dharmaji added.


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