Google releases Gmail Offline, Apple unveils iOS 5 Beta 7





Continuing the race to the top, Google and Apple have once more made it to the news, for coming out with new products simultaneously, on the same day.






Google has released its latest app from the Chrome Web Store, called Gmail Offline, which allows one to read, reply, organize and store emails without an internet connection. This HTML5-powered app is based on the Gmail web app for tablets, which was built to function with or without web access. After installing the Gmail Offline app from the Chrome Web Store, one can continue using Gmail when one loses one’s connection by clicking the Gmail Offline icon on Chrome’s ‘new tab’ page.






In addition to Gmail Offline, Google will also be rolling out its Google Calendar Offline and Google Docs Offline in the coming week.  While on offline mode in Google Calendar, one can view events from calendars and RSVP to appointments. With Google Docs Offline, one can view documents and spreadsheets, and offline editing will also be available shortly, along with the amount of email to be synchronized. To get started using Google Calendar or Google Docs offline, one has to click the gear icon at the top right corner of the web app and select the option for offline access.






IT administrators can also deploy Chrome Web Store apps to users in bulk by setting up organizational policies for Chrome.






Google+ has also made some new modifications to its Google +1 button, while in the process of revamping the new social networking website. These include making it easier to Like (+1) or share a page, even from another social networking site like Facebook.  






According to research firm Experian Hitwise, US visits to Google+ fell 5.5 per cent to 1.16 million during the week ended Aug 27, after rising 2.6 per cent the previous week. However, it may be too early to judge the success of Google+ just yet, as it is still running in beta format, with limited users.






Meanwhile, Apple has released its new iOS 5 Beta7 for developers, just two weeks after it released iOS Beta 6 in the market. Beta 7 can be downloaded as a slim update over-the-air, or as a full image through the Apple developer portal. Meanwhile, Apple CEO, Tim Cook has promoted 22-year Apple veteran Eddy Cue to the post of SVP-Internet Services, Apple, making him responsible for iCloud services – Apple’s new connected, location-sensitive, personalized devices for always-on computing, as well. Cue has been responsible for the iTunes store, Apple Apps store and iBookstore in the past. Talking about the new appointment at an event, Eric Schmidt, chairman, Google said, “They will change the world. What I’m most excited about is what the next generation of entrepreneurs can do on top of these Cloud platforms. What I do know is that the next generation of these leaders will be something involving mobile, local, social.” Google+ is also based on the cloud platform.






Newly-appointed CEO of Apple, Tim Cook was recently given $28 million to run Apple, as well as one million shares as a CEO bonus. It is well-known that former CEO and founder, Steve Jobs started the company with much less and in no time led it to becoming the $300 billion company it is valued at today.  






Without drawing too many comparisons, the world is looking at whether Jobs’ new successor can equal his genius in rolling out a steady slew of products, ensuring a great turnover, being able to make well-timed management decisions, and most of all being able to stand up in the face of increasing competition like that of close rival Google, which is desperately trying to close in on the heels of Apple.






By Beryl M
[email protected]