GPS provider Wireless Matrix and OTS join hands to offer fleet fuel tax reporting

Telecom Lead America: Wireless Matrix, a provider of GPS
fleet tracking services, has joined hands with Operating Tax Systems (OTS), a
provider for fuel tax, safety compliance and consulting services to the
trucking industry.

The partnership enables these companies to offer more
accurate and efficient fuel tax reporting and auditing for fleet managers. They
will bring together GPS tracking and reporting services with innovative,
web-based International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) tax compliance software.

The combination of Wireless Matrix’s FleetOutlook and
OTS’ IFTA tax compliance software offers fleet managers a more manageable
approach to fuel tax reporting and contributes to the increased ROI offered by
fleet telematics solutions.

It combines GPS fleet tracking data with tax software. It
also ensures that private fleet operators do not overpay International Fuel Tax
Agreement (IFTA) taxes through the use of automated processes. By
uploading the miles driven in each state along with the fuel expenses for each
vehicle into the software, accurate IFTA documentation can be made readily

The potential behind telematics solutions is continually
being expanded beyond traditional fleet tracking and routing solutions. The
ability to integrate with other technologies and provide comprehensive
solutions that make fleet management more efficient and effective is what our
clients expect,” said Maria Izurieta, acting CEO of Wireless Matrix.

OTS’ solution integrates with FleetOutlook allowing the
capture of information directly, avoiding costly data re-entry. OTS’ web-based
reporting tool, complements FleetOutlook’s reporting features to
provide over 60 management reports with unlimited customization.

The ability to significantly reduce taxes and fees for
fleets, however, comes down to visibility into their daily operations. Wireless
Matrix’s FleetOutlook is the perfect tool to capture actionable intelligence
from fleet operations and uniquely complements our tax reporting solutions,”
said Melody Wood, national director of business development for OTS.

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