IMImobile launches DaVinci Social platform

IMImobile has launched DaVinci Social that allows enterprise users to manage inbound and outbound content across SMS, MMS, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube from one single dashboard.

The new social media platform is aimed at strengthening IMImobile’s presence among enterprises such as banks, retailers, utilities, brands and broadcasters.

These enterprise customers can now listen, contextualize, respond, publish and analyse mobile and social media customer interactions, IMImobile said on Monday.

DaVinci Social enables enterprise users to build and deploy consumer engagement campaigns to grow an audience base, deliver instant customer service over mobile and social media channels, and publish or distribute user generated content to multiple outbound channels.


Brands and enterprises can provide a complete customer experience by implementing customer services over mobile and social channels, improving customer satisfaction by real time listening and management of customer comments and feedback.

Broadcasters can utilize DaVinci Social to quickly filter incoming audience communications for external publishing to other audience visible channels including widgets, websites, on screen overlays, mobile sites, second screens and presenter tablets.

DaVinci Social has already been used by a number of leading European and Asian broadcasters for a variety of television and radio shows, dealing with high volumes of traffic from multiple audience communication sources.

“DaVinci Social provides all the tools to utilise user generated content of the most influential mobile and social channels in order to create more meaningful conversations and make smarter business decisions,” said Sudarshan Dharmapuri, vice president of Product Management at IMImobile.

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