Indians prefer business-focused apps such as email and expense managers : Nokia Survey

percent of smartphone users in India believe apps benefit their lives, relying
on them while at home (31 percent), travelling (24 percent), or at work (10

65 percent of the surveyed users
have up to 30 apps on their smartphones, with a fifth saying that they delete
all similar apps from their handset if they hear about a better one.


percent of people in India have up to 30 apps on their smartphone, with men
more likely to download an app (93 percent) vs. women (87 percent), according
to a global study from Nokia.

most popular apps to download are music (41percent), social networking
(41percent), business (27 percent), photo/ personalization (22 percent) and
games (22 percent).

most popular apps people use are social networking (40 percent), music (36
percent), business (28 percent), utilities (21percent) and games (21percent).
Women (43percent) are more into social networking than men (38 percent).

of 18-24 year olds download and use social networking apps.

percent of people like to download apps because they know they’ll benefit their
life, while 48 percent of Indians think it’s important to have the most recent
technology and applications and 34 percent feel they need to be able to
download the latest music releases.

Smartphone users frequently rely on apps throughout the day (48 percent) while
a further 22 percent log on and use them two or three times a week.

percent of people use their apps at home while 29 percent use them while
commuting to and from work.

percent of Indians only download the free apps available for their phone via
sites such as.

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