InfoGin ties up with two Indian mobile operators


InfoGin, a global provider of mobile
browsing solutions that enable mobile carriers and publishers to provide the
ultimate browsing experience on any mobile device, announced that it has
recently launched its services with two additional Indian carriers, covering
nearly 40 percent of the fast growing mobile market.  


Their subscribers can now enjoy the full Web’s richness
on any device, regardless of its capabilities.


We are experiencing growth in demand for mobile browsing
solutions in many regions of the world. Our recent expansions in India are an
important part of this trend. Our Content Adaptation contributes greatly by
allowing all users to enjoy the true richness of the Web on their mobile
devices and by the support we provide our partners the carriers in offering
their subscribers with richer content and services,” said David Shimoni,
executive vice president of Sales and Marketing, InfoGin.


InfoGin’s Content Adaptation solution automatically analyses
the Web content and reformats it according to its importance, providing the
best possible display for the mobile device capabilities, as well as for the
operator network characteristics. A Smart Navigation layer is presented on top
of the content, allowing users to navigate and browse Web content in a way that
is similar to that of the desktop browsing.


InfoGin’s Content Adaptation solution enhances the mobile
user browsing experience, especially on feature phones. One of the key elements
of the InfoGin solution is its ability to support literally any device. Beyond
the 13,500 devices currently supported by its Intelligent Mobile Platform,
InfoGin provides customized support for local device vendors, such as Spice,
Lemon and MicroMax.


Subscribers of the two Indian carriers will now enjoy the
full functionality of internet on any mobile device, with up to five time
faster connection than before. This will allow them to deliver the rich
Internet experience to rural areas and let users of all mobile devices enjoy
Internet content of their choice: news, popular sports, financial news,
entertainment as well as access to social networks.


In India today, over 59 percent of Web users are mobile
only. The deployment of InfoGin’s Content Adaptation solution is expected to
significantly increase browsing usage in general, and especially on feature
phones. Providing best of breed Content Adaptation service, InfoGin allows
Indian carriers to achieve traffic optimization, significantly reduce CAPEX and
OPEX increase branding awareness and reduce churn.


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