InMobi Analytics delivers 74 percent reduction in cost per conversion for mobile advertisers

InMobi announced that InMobi
Analytics is delivering 74 percent reduction in cost per conversion.

InMobi reports that the tremendous
success of the product has helped drive significant growth for dozens of mobile
advertisingclients in the US retail, gaming, and entertainment verticals.


InMobi Analytics offers
automated real-time conversion optimization technology in addition to detailed
reporting and insights to its agency and brand users. InMobi Analytics
technology, which is widely used in the US market today, has improved the
mobile ad experience of over 60 million US consumers and over 10 billion
impressions so far in 2011.


“InMobi Analytics is delivering
the brand performance marketers dream of; simultaneously improving conversion
costs while increasing scale. We love using it as it helps our clients
achieve their goals. It’s also easily integrated within our tracking
tool, Apptimiser, enabling InMobi’s outstanding performance to be measured
against other mobile traffic sources,” said Thomas Schulz, International
CEO, Somo.


“Measurement has always been
the missing piece of the puzzle in the mobile advertising market. Our goal is
to help grow the category while delivering ROI positive results for our
clients.  We are pleased to see that InMobi Analytics is helping our
customers achieve their marketing goals, and we expect over 100 million
Americans every month will enjoy a better mobile ad experience by the end of
2011 as a result,” said Anne Frisbie, VP and managing director, North America,


The findings highlight an important
learning for advertisers looking to maximize performance during holiday


Advertisers need to plan ahead to
win in the market during holidays. We saw several clients miss the window by
launching too close to Memorial Day and not allowing time for optimization to
kick in and volume to increase in sync with consumer behavior.  It’s all
about timing and an important lesson for the mobile industry heading into Q3
and Q4.


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