iOnRoadcan save life on road

Picitup announced
the launch of their latest product, iOnRoad, a smartphone app that warns
drivers of encroaching danger and helps drivers make smarter driving decisions.

Talking on
the phone, texting, surfing the internet and a host of other activities have
become a part of the driving experience for an untold number of drivers around
the world. This has led many states within the US to legislate laws forbidding
activities that cause drivers to become distracted.


According to
a 2010 US poll conducted by, 93 percent of drivers engage
in distracted driving. Not surprising is the fact that distracted driving is
now a factor in 25 percent of police reported crashes.


iOnRoad has
turned the usual association that smartphones and driving are a toxic
combination, on its head,” said AlonAtsmon, CEO at Picitup
. The iOnRoad app
saves lives using all of the native technologies on almost any smartphone today.”


iOnRoad is an app that uses the smartphone’s native camera
and sensors to detect the vehicles in front of the driver, and will alert users
when they are in danger.

Similar to a visual radar, the iOnRoad app
constantly maps the range of the objects in front of the driver in realtime,
considering the user’s current speed. As the risk crosses a certain threshold,
a visual warning will pop up along with a sound alert to warn the driver of a
possible collision, allowing them take action.

iOnRoad is the first wide-scale use of
computer vision available as a mobile driving app

Using a car
mount for their smartphone, users can set the iOnRoad app in either the
Augmented Reality” mode, similar to the HUD system that pilots use to display
mission critical information or Background” mode, where the application can
run behind another app, only alerting when it needs to warn the driver of
danger. This setting allows users to access their GPS or use their loudspeaker.


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