iVision Mobile surpasses 350 percent growth in new private label reseller licenses

Mobile, a provider for mobile marketing, announced that the company surpassed
350 percent year over year growth in new private label clients.


Mobile has deployed mobile marketing campaigns for users including the Miami
Heat, Kabbalah Centre, Coke Zero, Comcast and DirecTV. iVision Mobile has
nearly 4,000 active users, up from 800 at the end of 2010. This explosive
growth in users has led to a 300 percent jump in message delivery since January 2011 with over 2.5 million messages delivered
each month to opt-in subscribers.

many mobile marketing providers that outsource their software development,
iVision Mobile builds their technology in-house,” said Omer
Samiri, CEO of
iVision Mobile

new tools are part of iVision Mobile’s software. A website signup form wizard
lets users create fully customizable opt-in forms for integrating with their
websites and Facebook Fan Pages. iVision has also launched a text to screen
wizard that lets users create real-time voting displays, inbound message
scrolling, and multiple message text walls. While iVision already supports
outbound MMS, the company is currently putting the final touches on an inbound
MMS solution that lets subscribers send MMS content to the iVision platform.

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