Ixonos unveils Super App Concept


Telecom Lead Team:
Ixonos has unveiled its new
patent-pending, next-generation Super App Concept at the Mobile World
Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Ixonos has created the Ixonos Super App concept,
developed the patent-pending technology and designed the customizable user
interface, all in-house.


“With well thought-out, customized Super Apps, we
aim to deliver next-generation app experiences that have lasting appeal to
consumers”, said Sami Paihonen, head of user experience design at


Ixonos said
that it offers to help its customers by creating for them apps that truly stand
out from among the 1.3 million apps currently on offer in the 250+ application
stores in existence.


Super Apps combine the best online content with the most
useful functionalities and create unparalleled user experiences by harnessing
the pull of social networks, the company added.


Super Apps will offer a way for companies to
significantly increase their customer loyalty and brand engagement.


The company said that Super Apps will allow it to gain
information on how and when consumers engage with them.


We can turn this intelligence into fail-safe viral
marketing campaigns for our customer companies. Super Apps will be a
cost-effective way to broaden a company’s digital marketing towards its
existing customers and also to target new consumer groups,” Sami added.


Ixonos said that it is ready to productize the concept, and the company plans to offer
the design and delivery of customized Super Apps to customers via a licensing
model, as a part of the Ixonos App Agency service.


The patent-pending technology will allow Ixonos to roll
out customized super apps in just one month as well as to implement them on a
variety of platforms and on all types of wireless devices.


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