Jigsee launches free video streaming on basic mobile phone

announced the launch of Jigsee Beta that enables mobile subscribers to access video
content on the most popular mobile phones for free.

Its tested
mobile application enables video streaming even on phones with basic features. The
technology is considered as revolutionary and will have enough opportunities
for the adoption of mobile video in emerging telecom markets.

With an
estimated 90 percent of Indian mobile subscribers using feature phones, this
translates into a potential audience of over 500 million in the Indian
sub-continent alone. These mobile subscribers have so far been unable to access
video streaming services such as YouTube, which traditionally caters primarily
to users of advanced smart-phones with access to high speed broadband

To begin
with, over 200 Java enabled mobile handset models will support the Jigsee
application. Over a period of time most phones, including those with the
Android operating system, will be supported by Jigsee.

Jigsee Smooth Stream Technology: Key Benefits

Smooth Streaming:
Jigsee offers smooth and continuous delivery of video steams.  Little or
no pauses once you start watching a video even in environments with slow data

Compatibility with Java enabled
phones makes reliable streaming possible for some of the most used phones in
India, including many phones that are unsupported by popular video streaming
services such as YouTube.

makes watching long-format content easier on a mobile device. Examples: If
cut-off mid stream due to a drop in network signal, or if the phone battery
dies, Jigsee automatically remembers where the stream stopped and provides a
simple option to resume watching the next time the application is opened.

Magic queue allows
every video to continue into subsequent videos that Jigsee plays.

On-the-fly Video Quality Maximizer
The speed of wireless networks change all the time. Jigsee streams
automatically adjust on-the-fly to provide the highest quality possible,
without stopping the show.

Works on any network
Jigsee works over 2G (GPRS), 3G, 4G and WiFi. On phones that support automatic
switching between networks (ex. GPRS to 3G), Jigsee streams will play
continuously without stopping.


Jigsee is more than a technology, software or mobile application. Jigsee
is our way of dissolving borders that prevent entertainment, education, and
information content from being equally accessible to everyone,”
said Ray Newal, founder and CEO of Jigsee.

Jigsee now
has over 200,000 minutes of content from top tier content owners including
1take media, Gypsy Videos. Mukta Arts, Point Zero, Speed Records, Spice
Digital, Soor Mandir, Manorama, Mayura, UTV, UTV Bindaas, Wave Music (Vee Gee)
and Yuki.


genres available on Jigsee include trailers, scenes, songs, news and events
related to entertainment, short films, kids content, animation, education, etc.
Besides these, there is also devotional content and content on fashion,
lifestyle and yoga.

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