Keane and Able Co unveils Any To Do mobile app

Keane and Able Co announced the availability of Any To
Do, a new app for the iPhone and iPad that helps you manage your time and
calendar activities with precision and ease. Business and personal activities can
be viewed individually or together on a four square grid that displays urgent
versus not-urgent and important versus not-important tasks.

This intuitive easy click action app is a snap to learn,
making you productive in a matter of seconds as you enter activities and tasks,
classify their importance, and set reminders to get them completed. Once
completed you can check them off and review a report of completed tasks.

Any To Do is designed with simplicity in mind yet we
have not compromised on its powerful feature set, said Anthony Keane,
co-creator of Any To Do.”

We have taken away the complexity of most To-Do lists
and focused the placement of tasks on four large quadrants where you input your
activities. Each quadrant is designated as urgent or not-urgent, important or
not-important. The beauty of this productivity tool is that you have
flexibility in how you want to organize your tasks. You set the dates and
reminders for completion. You can even use a voice memo to help you recall
details of the activity,” Keane added.

Any To Do has
been carefully architected to work the way you work, not the way someone thinks
you should work. Getting started is simple. After launching the Any To do app
click on the New To-Do button, type your task in the task bar. Next, tap the
Urgent or Not-Urgent button and then select the Important or Not-Important
button. Click Save and you’re finished. You can view all your lists together or
view each individual list and set reminders for any of your tasks.

You are then presented with the task in the quadrant
you’ve chosen for its level of importance. You can also set reminders, repeat
reminders, location of activity, and media attachments. Media attachments are
photos, videos, or voice memos that you can attach to the activity to help jog
your memory.


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